What the eff?

I just had the most delicious lunch of my life. Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was damn good. Chicken Fajitas if you were wondering. Nat and I went for a little lunch date to plan out all of the ridiculous that is going to occur tonight. We’re going to our friend’s senior art show and then to the bestest bar in the entire world. Why is it the best you ask?

Back to the topic at hand. We were walking back from the mexican restaurant which is about 2 blocks from my office and we were waiting to cross the street. Our town only has a few stoplights, so at other intersections they have crosswalks with little signs that say “stop or get a $300 fine.” They don’t say that exactly, but you get the point. We’re waiting by the edge of the road kind of letting people know that we want to cross when a guy comes up behind us, swerves around us and JUMPS in front of the car that’s about to go through the intersection.

He puts his hands out in front of him and yells at the car, “STOP! What the hell is wrong with you?” The little old lady driving the car looked really freaked out, but I’m sure the looks on Natalie’s and my faces were also priceless. After a few seconds we walked across the road and I was so excited to go tell my co-workers about the freakshow we had just witnessed.

I got back to the office and started to tell everyone about the peculiar man and they already knew exactly whom I was referring to. Apparently this guy walks across that crosswalk almost every day and jumps out in front of the cars to make a point. What a freak. There’s a little bit of me that hopes he gets run over.