What are the odds?

Friday night I met up with the BFF for drinks with a friend, we’ll call him S, that we’ve known since kindergarten. He moved away in 9th grade, but every once and a while he comes back from college break and we get a few drinks together. We headed to one of the three local bars (yes, there are only three) and caught up until the place shut down at 11 p.m. Oh, did I forget to mention how awesome my town is?

The BFF’s boyfriend and S’s friend from college joined us and we headed to the “hole in the wall” for some follow-up debauchery. We were just getting into the drunken vibe when none other than my ex-boyfriend walked through the door.

I have a couple ex boyfriends, but this is the one I affectionately refer to as ex-con. We dated forever ago, but we’ve kept in touch–yes, while he was in jail– and we’ve always been on good, friendly terms. I figured this was no big deal and we’d say hello and catch up–case closed.

I was sitting RIGHT in front of the door and I tried to make eye contact to break the ice, but it was a no go. I decided to lay low because due to the small size of the bar we’d eventually have to run into each other.

After I realized that he was getting his hand on up at the bar I decided it would be a bad deal to go talk to him. A few minutes later he walked right by me to get to the slot machines and I gave a little nod. The BFF actually said “hi” and he didn’t even acknowledge. Classy dude, classy.

Moral of the story?

1) I should drink more next time so I will act like less of a mature adult.
2) In the future I should not accept collect calls from people in prison.

Why? Why do boys suck so hard? Ugh.