Weekend Recap: Part 1

Okay, I know that I promised to leave a oompa loompa’s ass full of comments over the weekend, but I got a little sidetracked. With what you ask? Oh, only the best. weekend. ever. Except today kind of sucked, but I’ll get to that in the next entry. Lets do a lil recap of the ridiculousness that was my friday night.

Friday after work I picked up Nat and we headed to this amazing store “Five and Below.” It’s basically a dollar store but with better stuff. I got wheels to put on my sneakers there the other day. Yes, like the wheels scary little kids wear in the mall. Give me a break, I thought it would be fun. On this trip we got 50 glow bracelets, a ton of candy cigarettes, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff that’s still hiding in my car somewhere. We stopped by my friend’s senior art show, but we felt a little awkward just standing around with a bunch of people we had never met so we split out of there and headed to the bar. I’m gonna be honest, it gets a little fuzzy from here on.

We went to our favorite bar for some shenanigans and flaming drinks and oh did we get them. We made sure to bring all of our props (glow sticks) into the bar and became instant BFFs with some of the other patrons because they wanted to partake in the glow stick festivities. And did I mention the ex-fling that I wrote about a few days ago was there? With his girlfriend. (To be specific, they are in a completely open relationship. I can’t seem to wrap my head around how people do the whole we’re dating and we can sleep with other people thing, but hey– to each his or her own.)

There wasn’t much interaction with ex-fling (from now on “EF”) at the bar. I spent most of the time being completely wasted, having a rave in the bathroom with Nat and S (EF’s gf), and being basically as obnoxious as possible. I’ve never been cut off at this particular place, but I could tell i was about oene sip away from it Friday night. Unfortunately our favorite bar happens to close at 11pm so afterwards we headed to EF’s apartment with the promise of more alcohol, Wedding Crashers, and Wii. I’ll try not to bore you with the details of how it all went down, but I most definitely hooked up with EF while his gf was sleeping in the other room. Does it make it less or more skeezy that she knew what was going on? Don’t answer that.

I have no idea what’s going to happen with the whole EF thing, but I guess I’ve decided to just go with the flow and not stress too much over it. I’m only young once, right?

Oh, and if we’re friends on fbook there are some ridiculous pictures from the night that I posted, so enjoy. And then you can see what all these people look like. Feel free to stalk away.