This is my jam.

Apparently I’m all about music commentary this week. This one’s directed to that rapper guy that sings “Low.” Don’t know what song I’m talking about? Oh, it’s the one that says “low” approximately 65 times. I lied. That’s exactly how many times the song says low. Yes, I counted. That dudes name is Flo Rida.

Am I here to bash Flo Rida? No. I would never bash someone whose song was featured in the Best Movie Of All Time– Step Up 2: The Streets.

I’m here to give Flo Rida the biggest double high-five given in the history of blogging. His new song “In the Ayer” is doing something I’m QUITE happy about. It’s bringing back the phrase “This is my jam.”

Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for that phrase to get cool again? 4-ever.

Flo Rida has opened the doors for me. I am now going to use “this is my jam” or some variety of the phrase in all situations of my life.


boss: how’s that letter coming along?
me: Oh, this is my jam.
boss: *puzzled look*

See… totally appropriate. I like to leave him guessing anyway.

So how are you going to incorporate “this is my jam” into your every day speech? Start using it before everyone does. Be ahead of the curve.