This Blog Post May or May Not Include Comic Sans

A few of my favorite DC Bloggers, LiLu, Lemmonex, and Restaurant Refugee, are hosting an elegant get together at an adult establishment next week and it would be just lovely if you could join us. It promises to be an entertaining night, and there are so many of you I would love to meet and get a chance to really know.

You may think that our clique is solidified and that if you meet us you will be turned away without a second thought– that is not the case. Come to us with an open mind and we will return with open arms.

I feel like sometimes blogging opens the door to our soul, but it doesn’t really let us in. We just stand there, looking at the surface, too scared to go beyond it because we fear things may not be as they seem to be. Take that leap. We are all human and we are all scared.

Scared that we won’t be liked.

Scared that we won’t live up to the personas we mold with our carefully-chosen words.

Scared that we might end up getting so drunk we throw up in the trash can right beside the bar. or eat hummus off a doily. or wake up smelling of indian food, death, and shame*.

Wait, what?

Fuck that. Come to Happy Hour next Friday (August 7th at 7 pm) at Evolve and see me get drunk. Get me drunk enough and I’ll probably buy shots for everyone. That’s about as real as it gets.

Big ups again to our hosts for organizing this shindig… and for making a badge that includes comic sans.