These are my confessions…

Oh Usher– you speak the truth. You have, in all of your truth purging, inspired me to confess a few things on my blog today.

  1. I smell like Hummus. No–I don’t mean my breath. I mean it’s seeping out of my skin. Maybe I shouldn’t eat a whole tub of it in one sitting. But damn, that stuff is GOOD.
  2. I have an unhealthy crush on Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann. I could watch them all day.
  3. Saturday night I drank a bottle of wine (alone) and wrote the post about getting old. I. Am. So. Cool.
  4. Rock Band has given me unrealistic expectations about being in a band in the upcoming future. For some reason I feel like I could actually play a guitar. Stop laughing– you haven’t seen how good I am.
  5. Speaking of Rock Band, my fingers are taking a hiatus due to extreme cramping in the ring finger on my left hand. Yes– I have a Rock Band related injury. Again. So Cool.
  6. When I went tanning I accidentally left the door ajar. I’m not really sure whether it drifted open or not, but you can put two and two together. No bueno.
  7. I haven’t read or watched the news at all since before I went to Chicago. This is a pretty big change because I used to watch at least 3 hours of MSNBC every night, but honestly, it just got to be too much. I’d rather watch Law & Order.
  8. I drank approximately 34 oz. of Red Bull yesterday.

Now I demand you confess something so I feel better about myself. Come on, you know you want to get it off your chest!