The pressure!

Normally, when I get asked to guest blog there is a big mix of emotions. I feel AWESOME for one, because it’s incredibly flattering when someone asks you write on their space. Second, I get nervous – what if no one likes my post? What it sucks and no one comments? What if the person who asked me to do it hates my post?! Then lastly, I get anxious because I never know what the hell to write! So yeah, guest blogging is awesome and scary or I’m just incredibly weird. Whatever.

Now with that as an intro, I guess I should tell all of Maxie’s people who I am. I’m Jamie from Oh! How Lovely! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Maxie and let me just tell you. She is fucking awesome. Can I say fucking on here? No? Okay sorry! Freaking awesome.

Anyway, back to guest blogging. Yesterday, I was pondering what I should write about for this guest blog while I was at work. It was quiet since it was nap time and it hit me. You have all the material to write about in the world.

You’re a nanny, DUH.

Yeah, so I guess I could tell you about the time the 2 1/2 year old shit on the floor. Or maybe the time the 10 month old took her first steps in front of me so I told her parents and she wouldn’t walk in front of them for a week. Talk about fucking awkward. Or how about the time when the now 2 1/2 year old was learning to talk and wouldn’t say Jamie but would call me Jesus instead? Oh! I know, once at the park when I’m hanging out with Mr. 2 Year Old and he smacks my boob in front of all the moms and their well behaved toddlers and screams, “JAMIE! I HIT YOUR BOOB!”. Or the fact that the kid is a mini Chandler and once told me, “HEY. You will stop telling me things!”.

So really? I guess I have tons of things to guest blog about. It’s just to hard to choose which embarrassing thing to write about when a toddler shows you who really is the charge.

I really need to write about this shit at my place more often, huh?