The One Where I Show My Creative Genius

High School was fun for me. I don’t want to go as far as to say I that’s when I peaked…but almost. It was like one of those little false peak (god I hope so) of awesomeness.

Anyway–high school was awesome. #1 reason: I had really interesting boyfriends. I dated a goth, an ex-con, a computer genius, and then there was R.

R had one of those families with 50 kids in a little, dirty, disgusting house, but I didn’t care because his dad didn’t give a shit if we went to his room to hook up. Yes! Awesome parenting!

I started dating him at 15 and gave up my v-card a few months later. We even had a sex journal. Those were the days…

My parents were pretty smart and knew better than to let me go over to his house for extended amounts of time so we had to figure out a way to hook up while we were at the one place where no one could separate us– school.

The hallways/stairwells were good for a while, but then someone had the bright idea to install security cameras, so that was out of the question.

The gym at lunchtime wasn’t a bad spot… but with half of the school all in one big building there was a little bit of a privacy issue.

Then I had the best. idea. ever.

I cut the pockets out of all of his pants and gave him hand jobs DURING class.

I’m one classy bitch.

Looking back on it now, it must have been SO easy to tell what we were doing, but at the time I guess we didn’t really care.

So parents, if your son (or daughter) comes home with their pockets cut out of their pants… I think it’s time to have the talk.