Probably Should Skip This if You’re Fat (Like Me)

Disclaimer: I am in no way an Adonis in the traditional sense. I’m incredibly narcissistic, but that doesn’t mean I can qualify for Miss Universe. I’m fat, I’ve got imperfect skin, cellulite is a permanent fixture in my life, and all those beers are catching up to me. But…

I’m a work in progress. I go to the gym, I attempt to eat healthy even when I’m traveling, and I have a fairly healthy self-image in that I know I need to continue to work towards a healthy physique. The hotness is a nice byproduct (and one I’ve already got anyway. Oh snap!)

That being said, I want shoutout to all the other lovely fat people out there: don’t be a hypocrite and don’t be a victim. If a store won’t hire you as a store attendant, or you get turned down as a model, don’t run crying to a lawyer and sue. Our society is brand-centric. And a brand isn’t just about a squiggly trademark symbol. It is the feeling invoked by a product and its overall image.

Stop. Being. Victims. Take personal accountability for who you are. You don’t have to make a change. You can make peace with your body. You can love your body. And you should!

But if you don’t, taking the stand of a victim isn’t the way to go. Grow up. Stop whining. Make a change.