Play Doh Faces

I found some old pictures today and it got me thinking about some of my favorite childhood toys:

  • Legos: I still love them. To this day I am fascinated that the Lego man has held down more jobs than Barbie, and has managed to get lost in every major location in my house or in my dogs’ anatomy.
  • My 10-speed bike: that I inherited from a cousin. Whenever a piece fell off I would dutifully hide it from my parents fearing they would buy me a new one. When asked to buy milk or butter at the store, I ran extra fast so that they wouldn’t figure out that “Silver” was missing a handlebar or a seat
  • Paper and Crayons: Nothing beat designing my fall collection after my afternoon nap.

But my absolute favorite toy of all time was Play Doh. If we were in a country that didn’t have the stuff (and the stuff I packed had already dried out from a zealous attempt at creating the world’s largest sheet of play doh paper), the Demimom would actually mix flour, salt, and water to make a piss poor substitute.

Nothing beat a fresh, new can of play doh. As is wont to happen in the Demigod’s brain: things got out of hand. The short story is, I eventually landed on people’s faces that could be reproduced quite easily by play doh, and two came to mind:

Quentin Tarantino: make any normal face and then pinch the middle of it. And you’re done. When he appears on interviews, the way talks and moves his arms and hands, it certainly seem as if god did in fact reach out and pinch his face and accidentally squeeze out a piece of his brain through a nostril.

RX: whom we will keep hidden under those initials. Verdana and I work with someone who’s face is… well let’s just say the good lord almighty took some googly eyes, threw it into a can of play doh, shook it around a little and slammed it upside down onto a table. The resulting googly-eyed lump that fell out is RX’s face.