Mullet Monday

This weekend one of my favorite bloggers, Brian, went to North Carolina last weekend so we decided to have a little mullet challenge and post our best finds. Unfortunately she did not snap any mullety (my new favorite word!) awesome pictures, but I sure did. I do live in WV afterall.

Saturday night I went out to my new favorite bar. Why is it my favorite bar? Because the play the same music that was played at my 8th grade semi-formal dance. Yes I’m talking about “Da Dip”, “Back Dat Ass Up”, “Can I Getta.”

After doing every line dance possible (I’m serious. Name one– I did it. EVEN the macarena.) I took my friend Lauren on our quest for mullets. It was like going on an african safari, except that instead of being surrounded by wildlife and plants we were surrounded by shirtless gay men. Definitely an upgrade.

All of a sudden we saw the perfect specimen. Lauren, being the awesome friend that she is, agreed to pose with our new friend and the following picture is proof. Mullets are everywhere in WV.