Me vs. Hangover

I win. I so, so, so win. Why am I so excited to not have a hangover? Oh, maybe because this proves that 1) I am not getting too old to drink and 2) I can drink a whole bottle of aftershock and be fabulously productive the next day. And by fabulously productive I mean watching movies on TV all day… including one of my favorites… drumroll… Mrs. Doubtfire! I freakin love this movie and it makes me wonder when and why Robin Williams stopped being so hilarious. I catch something new every single time I watch this movie. This time it was “rumple foreskin.” HA!

You may be wondering why I drank a whole bottle of aftershock last night. Well, it was my way of coping with the fact that I spent my Saturday night with Nat at a child’s birthday party (16 is still a child, right?). We did cosmic bowling and they had karaoke (which I don’t do sober). The highlight was most definitely when two high school guys sang “Because I Got High.” We had a cop at our party and I thought he was going to go over there and arrest the kids right then and there. They kept interjecting, “I’m too high to be singing this” and “pass that joint.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Afterwards Nat and I were going to go to our favorite, bar but they had some kind of pool tourney going on there which would have been mega boring. Instead we got some alcohol and came back to my place to watch Knocked Up and Wedding Crashers. Those movies are great when you’re sober, but even better when you’re a little tipsy.

What did everyone else get into over the weekend?