It’s Time for Lunner

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is eating Brunch. There’s just something about sleeping in and still getting breakfast food. McDonald’s–get with it. Please serve breakfast later (I’m thinking like 1ish) on the weekends.

But no matter how much I enjoy brunch when I’m actually eating it, I regret it later. Not only is it usually VERY unhealthy (who am I kidding, I don’t even care about that), but it makes the rest of the day awkward.

If you eat brunch at 11, when do you eat again? And don’t even give me that whole “you eat when you’re hungry thing.” This is America and we eat because it tastes good, not because we need to.

If you eat at 3 or 4 a clock that’s great and all, but you end up hungry at 8 or 9 and Smart People say that’s bad for you or something.

I have a solution: Lunner.

Lets make Sunday a day of awesome meals. Brunch at like 11 or 12 and then another huge meal called Lunner. Get it, Lunch + Dinner.

Since Brunch is usually a combination of the best breakfast and lunch foods with booze, let’s make Lunner the same thing. The best of Lunch and Dinner with lots and lots of drinks you’d normally have late at night. Sangria, Wine, Vodka Soda. Wow, that escalated quickly.

My intention was to come up with an amazing menu to show y’all how awesome Lunner is going to be, but I got lazy so I’m just going to say this: you can eat whatever the fuck you want for Lunner. You can what I ate last night– Macaroni and Cheese and Corn. Don’t judge me.

It’s going to be epic.