I officially have the Best Luck in the World

This weekend I finally started to feel better after a torturous 3 weeks of whooping cough and dysentery (a la Oregon Trail). One of my best friends turned 24 last week and we planned on getting our food and drink on in celebration.

Saturday night we met up at my favorite sushi place. Okay, so there are only 2 in my neck of the woods–so what, it’s still my favorite. I somehow managed to order the perfect amount of sushi for the first time in my life and it was all absolutely delicious.

We decided to do some pre-gaming before the bar so we headed to my friend G’s house to have some boxed wine and play my new favorite game catchphrase. That’s when I started to feel it. A rumbling in my tummy. At first I thought it was just gas (ew, I know TMI) but it felt different. It felt kind of like the time I ate clam chowder at The Golden Corral thinking that it was Potato Soup and being allergic to clams, threw up for 12 hours straight. Bad news bears.

Against my better judgement I decided to go to the bar because I heart bars and I didn’t want to bail on the party. After playing a few games of Ms. Pac-Man I knew I made the wrong decision. I went to the bathroom and immediately threw up. Awesome. Twenty minutes later I threw up again. I tried to stick it out because this place was pretty much the best dive bar in the world.

They had INFLATABLE INSTRUMENTS. We all know how much I love inflatable things.

But back to my awesome luck– you know what’s worse than having food poisoning? Realizing you have food poisoning when you’re an hour away from your house and you’re stuck at a bar with no car.

G was nice enough to take me to my car, but have you ever tried to drive for an hour while throwing up every 10 minutes? It’s awesome. Let me tell you, you should definitely try it.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Oh, I almost forgot. A box of wine also exploded in my car. Sweet.

Like I said… I have the best luck EVER.