I met a boy.

Last night I went over to my bosses after work to do a little bit of volunteering for his campaign. There were about 8 of us there sitting around a big table and of course we started talking about every topic in the book.

I was the minority in a room full of mostly Republicans, but everyone did a great job of respecting each others opinions and asking insightful questions. Even though I work in a government office, I rarely get to talk to people with different views and I can’t even explain how nice it was to have this kind of conversation.

As the night went on people started leaving and eventually only 3 or 4 others were left, one of them being a boy. A boy who had been able to carry a conversation all night, had peaked my interested with brain teasers (i love those things!), and who was decently attractive. I’m going to be honest– this doesn’t happen very often. I decided he was going to be mine.

Somehow we started talking about early voting and I asked him if he was going to vote early or wait until the 4th.

Then he said…

I can’t vote…

I’m only 16.

And then I went out back and shot myself in the face.