I like to feel smart.

I’m going to be honest– sometimes it’s nice when a friend says something that makes you feel really, really smart.

My friend Janelle and I were on the way to Baltimore a few weeks ago and somehow we started talking about artificial insemination.

Janelle started to tell us about one of her co-workers. According to the story a mutual friend wanted to get pregnant, but couldn’t find anyone to give her sperm. (yea, that’s exactly how she said it)

The friend was so distraught that she asked her brother to you know what into a cup and then she went and inserted the sperm.

Obviously this whole tale is already REALLY weird, but I made the mistake of asking Janelle how she inserted the sperm and she replied, “Oh she just went in the bathroom, put the sperm up there and masturbated.”

At this point I was BEYOND confused. I asked Janelle WHY the friend felt the need to masturbate and that’s when it happened…

Janelle replied, “well DUH! You have to have an orgasm to get pregnant.”

And this is why we need to teach sex education in schools.