I have a wish.

I have a wish that I have only discovered a few hours ago.

I want to wear a baseball cap to work.

I don’t mean that I want to do my hair and carefully place a baseball cap over it. I mean I want to put the hat on top of my head (preferably one with some kind of beer name on it), tuck my pony tail up in there, and walk out the door.

This new goal has me thinking about what full time jobs would allow me to do this and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Landscape Architect. Pros: I could basically wear sweat pants every day, I’d probably get in shape, I’d get to hire hot sweaty men to help me with the manual labor. Cons: I’d have to work outside, snakes live outside, I’m not really into dirt.
  2. Professional Baseball Player. Pros: They make a lot of money, I’d get to hang out with other celebrities (I’d be one too at this point), I’d get to hang out in the locker room with the boys au natural. Cons: I have to be outside again–sigh, I’m not really good enough (yet) to make it into the major leagues, I heard baseball players smell like nasty jock strap. 
  3. Dog the Bounty Hunter. Pros: I’d get to use a gun and/or taser, I’d get to be followed by video cameras 24/7 (YES!), I’d have a mega awesome tan. Cons: Hat would cover up awesome mullet. Maybe I’ll only wear the baseball hat half of the time.

That’s it people. I am going to go with option number 3 unless y’all can come up with something better.