Hold Me

Ugh, life is hard–and by life I mean Monday through Friday. My weekend was amazing, but my feet are covered in blisters. From this fact alone you can narrow my activities down to a) acting out the scene from The Office where Michael challenges everyone to walk on hot coals, b) going all annie lennox (walking on, walking on, broken glassss!), c) spending the weekend in NYC.

If you don’t feel like reading a recap go ahead and check out cavy’s all-picture, much more interesting post here.

Dude, New York, you are really big and impressive (that’s what she said). Even though I’m in a lot of pain, it was a hell of a weekend. I had the most amazing time visiting with Cavy and her high school friend Ness who is super duper awesome.

-The Bolt Bus sucks. We were HOURS late getting to NYC. That’s all I have to say about the trip there.

– Cavy and Ness met me in the pouring rain and we went around the corner for Chinese food which hit the spot. Once I had recovered from the scary bus trip we took a cab ride to Pinkberry and tried their new flavor Passion Fruit. It was delicious and free–win win.

– We sought out a liquor store and on the way back to Cavy’s apartment, and we stopped to look at the most adorable puppies. Then I twit pic’d dog poop for Lemmonex because I’m a good friend (not).

– The three of us somehow devoured a fifth of vodka and sunkist in a few hours while we watched the sunset from Cavy’s rooftop. Her apartment has the most amazing view of Times Square. After the alcohol soaked in we decided to have a dance/singing party. Not long after we got kicked off the roof by the security guards. We had intentions to watch Borat, so we ran around the corner and got some highly over priced beer and mike’s hard lemonade (what up high school!), but we went to bed before we could get into anything else.

– We somehow evaded hangovers and went to S’Mac for lunch. MOST AMAZING MEAL EVER. All they serve is Macaroni and Cheese and it’s fucking delicious. I’m all for trying new restaurants, but if I ever go back to NYC I will demand we visit there again.

– After hitting a few shops we took the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island for a little dose of touristy stuff. I have a message for Liberty Island: AIR CONDITION YOUR BATHROOMS. I have never felt so disgusting. We all felt like our feet were going to fall off and just when we were taking a breather from all the walking it started to rain and we had to run to the subway.

– We cleaned ourselves up for dinner and went to Breeze for my first Pad Thai experience. They have a great prix fix menu and the food is quite tasty. Two thumbs up. We thought we were going to die of death, but then they started playing some Michael Jackson music that pumped us up. I’m not sure if they were just confused, but to the people at Breeze: Michael Jackson has more songs than the 3 you were playing. Although I do love The Free Willey Song, I didn’t need to hear it 4 times in an hour and a half. Who am I kidding. I loved every minute of it.

– What was even better than the food was the bar at Breeze. We had the most amazing bartender who kept our drinks filled (holy drink specials– I didn’t know you could get a drink for $5 in New York) and the shots coming. The lovely Ashley met up with us at the bar–she is wonderful and everyone should be jealous because I got to hang out with her. At the end of the night we convinced our bartender to put our drinks in to-go soup cups and he did because we’re awesome and very persuasive. More roof drinking commenced and at the end of the night we sent Ashley home with a to-go container of raspberry beer. I think we have started a new trend.

– Sunday we woke up and got lunch at the Stardust Diner which I think is a little overpriced for the quality of the food, but it’s worth a visit for entertainment value. All of the wait staff sing and dance. A little much for a morning after drinking, but after we got food in our bellies it was quite enjoyable. Ashley met us again along with two of Ness and Cavy’s friends from home.

– We walked to Central Park to relax for a bit, but unfortunately we didn’t get to spend much time because I had a bus to catch.

My feet hurt just from writing this. Ugh.