FAIL: Target

Yesterday I took a little trip to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world: Target. I’m pretty sure we’ve established that I’m a semi-compulsive shopper, but I just wanted to put that out there to remind everyone. Every so often if I haven’t been shopping I get the urge to go to Target. Why? Because 1) it’s cheap enough so that I can find something that won’t break the bank and 2) I always find something awesome there.

Yesterday things took a turn for negative town.

I walked into my happy place and I was immediately drawn toward a shiny purse right in the front. I’ve been wanting to purchase a new purse for a few months, so I thought I had hit the jackpot early on. I tried it on for size (yes…I put the purse on my arm to see how it feels and looks) and it was a perfect fit. I was about to toss it into my cart when I looked at the price tag. Fourty bucks.

Now let me tell y’all, I’ve paid way more than $40 for a purse before, but that was when I was rich (aka it wasn’t my money) and spoiled (aka in high school) and it was always for a designer bag. What is the world coming to when you can’t even go to target,blow a little bit of money and come away with an arm full of bags. How depressing.

Target is now on my Fail list– a sentence I thought I would never say.