Ding Ding!

Last week I got an email telling me about a “product I may be interested in.” I usually ignore these things, but this product was too hilarious and intriguing not to share.

The product was BluePont, a mobile dating service. Not making much sense? Let me explain.

Basically you download this software on your blackberry. You fill out a profile (like a normal dating profile), add a picture, and voilà- you’re ready for instant dating.

Here’s where it gets a little creepy: Every 5 minutes your cell phone checks to see if any eligible daters are in your 1 mile range. You get an alert. They get an alert. You can chose to ignore it or talk to them.

I’m still on the fence on whether this is the most genius thing EVER or if it’s cheating. Is it smart or does it take the fun out of it all?

If you live in a city, you probably walk by attractive people all the time. Don’t you ever wonder if they’re single? compatible? a doctor? (did I mention that it tells you their occupation? hello, gold diggers!)

There’s also the issue of this thing putting you in some really awkward situations…can you imagine getting these notifications if you were, say, having a business lunch with the person who you get matched up with? Weeeeiiirrrrddd.

I was so mesmerized by this idea that I had to share it with Alexa and we came up with a few other weird places you could get notifications:

  1. in the bathroom. (this may have helped Larry Craig out a little bit.) Either way, I don’t want to get a date notification using the facilities.
  2. while in a staff meeting, you get matched with your creepy boss.
  3. at the STD clinic. but I guess if you’re there, too…
  4. at a family picnic. Unless you’re in west virginia or something– hey yo!
  5. at the lady doctor while getting your parts checked out, you get a notification from your doctor.

Although those above situations are obviously rare, I’m pretty sure some other weird ones could actually happen. Either way, it’s almost a cool concept. What funny situations did we miss?