My new home…

BIG NEWS PEOPLE. I’m moving to Pittsburgh. Actually I’m typing from there right now. You see, Mermanda and her awesome fiancé Andrew were nice enough to let me move into their fireplace. They just don’t know it yet. Please don’t tell them. I really like it here. In all seriousness though, I’d totally move into […]

Not too long ago I was dating this guy

Here’s a TMI post that I’m too embarrassed to post on my own blog, or even put my own name on it, so it’s a secret TMI Thursday post. But I think many of us have had bad nights like this one so I feel like sharing it anyway. It’s a long story, but bear […]

Ding Ding!

Last week I got an email telling me about a “product I may be interested in.” I usually ignore these things, but this product was too hilarious and intriguing not to share. The product was BluePont, a mobile dating service. Not making much sense? Let me explain. Basically you download this software on your blackberry. You […]

Another one from the WVU chronicles, kiddies.

During my first semester in college I decided it would be an Awesome Idea to pledge a sorority. During the rush period I absolutely fell in love with one and even though the whole ordeal was kind of expensive, I had to join. Apparently 3 of my friends from my high school felt the same […]

The One Where I Show My Creative Genius

High School was fun for me. I don’t want to go as far as to say I that’s when I peaked…but almost. It was like one of those little false peak (god I hope so) of awesomeness. Anyway–high school was awesome. #1 reason: I had really interesting boyfriends. I dated a goth, an ex-con, a […]

Please Don’t Die

I hate funerals. I hate emotions (except happiness, drunkenness–I’m aware that’s not an emotion, excitedness–that’s not a word, and glee). One of my co-workers passed away last week and it was really sad because he was awesome. It’s also sad because I know that he planned out his funeral details before he died and his […]

Don’t Drink and Tweet

A few months I met John Krasinski and for some reason I forgot to blog about it. I know! What the hell is wrong with me? So today I’m going to tell you about the night I met my biggest celebrity crush. It was a rainy night. I actually have no clue if it was […]

The one where I almost get fired.

On Tuesday I forgot to download The Blog on my lunch break. By the time I remembered that there was a new issue out I was on the way home and my computer here is such a piece of shit that I won’t even attempt to open a PDF. That’s like the equivalent of asking […]

Cause I’m too lazy to do the full 25.

1. I’m the anti-American Idol contestant. Growing people told me I could sing, but I am fully aware that I cannot. I don’t sound like an animal dying or anything, but it’s not good. 2. That said, I still love to sing. While I’m going through my google reader I usually have music playing and […]

I’m gonna go ahead and throw this out there.

his story is horrible. Boys you can go ahead an leave now. Or you can read it…whatever. It’s still hilarious. This your last warning. Get out before you’re scarred for life. The summer before 10th grade I started dating this guy named Ryan. Let me tell you, he was basically the worst match for me […]