But I have a cold

During my senior year of high school I had been dating a guy for quite a while, so obviously we were getting down. (sidenote: insert my favorite canadian pop song that both JD and Ben posted because it’s so fucking awesome)

So one day my bf stayed home from school because he was all sicky pants and i wanted to go cheer him up. Get your minds out of the gutter, I didn’t go there with that in mind. I just went over to see what I could do (TWSS), but when I got there he had a boner like all high school boys, so I took care of it.

I gave him a hand job. With my mouth. (the best kind)

After I was finished a little bit of you know what was still on his you know what and something caught my eye. It didn’t look normal. It looked…


Kind of like a mintish color. It really freaked me out, but the ex claimed it was just because he had a cold and he was fine.

Whatever. Still gross.

Oh, in case anyone everyone is wondering, I have been tested and his green semen did not give me any disease. I was kind of hoping it has magical powers or something, but so far nothing has come from it except for a reallllly bad memories and a hilarious gross TMI Thursday post.