A humble plea

Dear Universe:

If you love me at all, please let me run into Barack Obama this weekend. I don’t know if he’s still going to be in Chicago, but I would be happy forever and ever if you made this happen. Here’s how I picture it going down.

Scene: Walking down the streets of Chicago with all my awesome blogger friends in tow. I’m eating a funnel cake. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. I just love funnel cakes.

Barack Obama: Hey, Buddy! I see you have an Obama 08′ pin on your purse. I hear that dude is pretty cool.

Me: (Drops funnel cake in shock– it’s okay. I can buy another one.) Yes, Senator Obama, you are Awesome with a capital A.

Barack Obama: Well if you think so maybe I have a job for you. It’s nothing much. Basically you will read blogs all day and report back directly to me if you see anything interesting. It pays 6-figures. How does that sound?

Me: I think we can work something out

Then we fist bump.

If you can’t make all of that happen universe… well, I’ll take just running into him on the street and getting a picture. That would be effin sweet.


Maxie aka the most stoked person ever for this weekend!!!!!


Oh. My. God. We are leaving for Chicago (and Cleveland) tomorrow! I am beyond excited to meet all of you. I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about this trip (shut up you’re just jealous) so *y’all will be glad to know that this will be the last time entry about how stoked I am. If you are a Chicago blogger and haven’t gotten the details of the weekend’s schedule then shoot me an email at ihatesomuch (at) gmail (dot) com. My cell phone number was in that email that Deutlich sent out, so please don’t call me in the middle of the night and leave me singing messages. (This is reverse psychology if you didn’t pick up on it. Please do call me and leave me a funny message.)