A Hate Letter to Dupont Circle

You’ve always been good to me. I know I don’t visit you often, but the few times I have it has been awesome.

A few years ago I visited you for the gay pride parade, had a great dinner, and forgot to call. I’m sorry. You know how it is. I was young and stupid.

I made up for it though. When my ex best friend found out she got a false positive on her pregnancy test I visited you for lunch. It was a brief trip, but my love stayed strong. The long distance thing is hard, you know? What do you expect from me? I thought we were cool!

Obviously not though… Obviously not. Earlier this week I made the trek to dc for a little bit of st patricks day shenanigans. The company was fucking awesome (too lazy to link to every single person. edit: just go read LiLu’s version), amazing conversation (um we came up with this week’s would you rather wednesday), and good drinks (blue moon is yummy). But oh dupont. How you have played me.

I can forgive you for the shitty service at the first bar because the second bar was very cool.

I can forgive you for the disgusting bathroom at the second bar because there was a Krispy Kreme right next to metro.

What I can’t forgive you for is the escalator. Dupont circle escalator is already one of the most intimidating things I’ve ever seen. (See picture above) Every time I step foot on it I feel as if I’m about to plunge to my death.

Tuesday night the escalator was broken. 4-beer Maxie had to walk down the massive escalator as if it were a set of stairs.

Not a normal set of stairs– a super steep, extremely long (that’s what she said), POINTY set of stairs.

Somehow I made it through even though I felt nauseous more than once.

But either way… Dupont circle– you’re dead to me.

I’m so going to sue.