Somebody Please Try This

I am going to go ahead and put this out there– this is the most exciting/horrible thing I have EVER heard of. In my whole fucking life. A few weeks ago my best friend told me about this new way of getting high. Me being me, I was very excited because I love being Ahead […]

This Blog Post May or May Not Include Comic Sans

A few of my favorite DC Bloggers, LiLu, Lemmonex, and Restaurant Refugee, are hosting an elegant get together at an adult establishment next week and it would be just lovely if you could join us. It promises to be an entertaining night, and there are so many of you I would love to meet and […]

But I have a cold

During my senior year of high school I had been dating a guy for quite a while, so obviously we were getting down. (sidenote: insert my favorite canadian pop song that both JD and Ben posted because it’s so fucking awesome) So one day my bf stayed home from school because he was all sicky […]