Ding Ding!

Last week I got an email telling me about a “product I may be interested in.” I usually ignore these things, but this product was too hilarious and intriguing not to share. The product was BluePont, a mobile dating service. Not making much sense? Let me explain. Basically you download this software on your blackberry. You […]

Another one from the WVU chronicles, kiddies.

During my first semester in college I decided it would be an Awesome Idea to pledge a sorority. During the rush period I absolutely fell in love with one and even though the whole ordeal was kind of expensive, I had to join. Apparently 3 of my friends from my high school felt the same […]

The One Where I Show My Creative Genius

High School was fun for me. I don’t want to go as far as to say I that’s when I peaked…but almost. It was like one of those little false peak (god I hope so) of awesomeness. Anyway–high school was awesome. #1 reason: I had really interesting boyfriends. I dated a goth, an ex-con, a […]