If the world were perfect:

all married men would wear wedding rings. How the hell am I supposed to tell who is off limits if they’re all bare-handed. i would be allowed to fire anyone I want even though I’m not the boss– and not even give a reason. don’t you just want to strangle people sometimes?! the weekend would last forever. who […]

Communication is essential in today’s world

I love to talk and I can’t imagine how difficult life would be without talking. At work I am teaching a group of deaf students (and will be until Friday) and it has been an amazing experience. It was definitely weird though, when we walk around the museum I like to talk about where we […]

Where’d They Go?

Two Halloweens ago I got the bright idea to accompany my best friend to his favorite gay bar for Halloween. I thought drag queens + Halloween would make them even MORE entertaining (if that’s at all possible.) In theory I was probably right. In execution I was WAY wrong. It was my first Halloween being […]