Oh Scarcity!

I know the economy sucks. I know we need to teach our children to save their pennies and value the dollar. Blah, blah, blah. BUT REALLY? Do you think ruining christmas songs for 2nd graders around the world is the way to do it? I hung out with the BFF over the weekend and he […]

Tell Me Why

I have a ritual. Right before I get in the car to make any semi-long trip I buy a giant red bull. Not only is it delicious, but it gives me something to sip on for the long ass drive. Here’s the problem. By the time I get to my destination I have to pee […]

A Hate Letter to Dupont Circle

You’ve always been good to me. I know I don’t visit you often, but the few times I have it has been awesome. A few years ago I visited you for the gay pride parade, had a great dinner, and forgot to call. I’m sorry. You know how it is. I was young and stupid. […]