I bow to your excellence.

I’ve always been a little bit jealous of celebrities. Maybe it’s the money– but we all know money can’t buy happiness. (I don’t actually believe that. I’m just pretending to be a Good Person.) Maybe it’s the fame– but we all know I’m already famous. Duh. Maybe it’s the personal assistant–okay. No negative comments there. […]

I miss them.

Last night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I was day-dreaming of having all the money in the world. It’s normally what I do right before I go to bed because that way I’m happy and I dream about being super rich. I have an active imagination. But for some reason […]

Buy me

On Sunday I spent the day gallivanting around Maryland with Deutlich. After we did some damage to our bank accounts we headed to Starbucks to have some coffee and a few treats. My favorite part about coffee shops within book stores? The free magazines. It’s funny how much you can tell about someone by the […]