I officially have the Best Luck in the World

This weekend I finally started to feel better after a torturous 3 weeks of whooping cough and dysentery (a la Oregon Trail). One of my best friends turned 24 last week and we planned on getting our food and drink on in celebration. Saturday night we met up at my favorite sushi place. Okay, so […]

My PSA about rail vodka.

I was quite surprised by the number of comments on last Tuesday’s post that involved rail vodka. Have y’all been living under a rock? Rail vodka is the best (worst) invention ever. My personal definition of rail vodka is the cheapest stuff you can find. I’m pretty sure they call it “rail” because it’s along the rail […]

Longest Short Week Ever

After today is over I will have worked a total of 15 hours this week, but it feels like the longest week ever. I have officially been bitchy mcbitch face but that is all going to fade away because tonight I’m attending my very first Happy Hour. If you’re in the area (and you’re a […]

Cleaning vs. Work

I’ve had a hard time getting my mind together at work lately. The truth is I’d much rather be reading blogs, but that’s obviously not an option (wink wink). Right after my lunch break I decided the only legitimate way to avoid doing real work would be to do something I loathe doing almost as […]