I met a boy.

Last night I went over to my bosses after work to do a little bit of volunteering for his campaign. There were about 8 of us there sitting around a big table and of course we started talking about every topic in the book. I was the minority in a room full of mostly Republicans, […]


Maxie is out of commission today. You see she’s been kind of “out of her groove” for the past few weeks when it comes to blogging. She wasn’t going to blog today, so I stepped up to the plate. Who is this, you ask? Well this is her blog. You see, it was my birthday […]

I have a wish.

I have a wish that I have only discovered a few hours ago. I want to wear a baseball cap to work. I don’t mean that I want to do my hair and carefully place a baseball cap over it. I mean I want to put the hat on top of my head (preferably one […]

Question: Why do I need to be famous?

Answer: so I can be rich. Question: Why do I need to be rich? Answer: There are far too many reasons to list, but right now I’m only focusing on one thing: If I was rich I could buy Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears. Let me tell you a story about a little girl. […]

The almost perfect weekend.

Last week work was HELL. I usually work quite well under stress, but I’m having a hard time with one of my co-workers. It’s like every word she says to me or about me makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out. Yes–the whistler has struck again, but now she has added the blame game, […]

Sometimes I wish I could…

Wear gaucho pants and have them look really cool on me. Eat whatever I want and not have the calories count. Sing Karaoke without sounding horrible/being embarrassed. Wear sweatpants to work and pass them off as dress pants. Have a dance party when I get tired during the day without my co-workers thinking I’m a […]