I’m not able to pinpoint when it exactly started, but I’ve been in a sort of funk for a while. I’m just bummed. It’s probably a combination of work generally sucking, having huge rows with 2 of my closest friends, and most recently summer vacation season coming to a close. I’m exhausted all the time, […]

We’re going to need a bigger boat

Hey, hey everyone while the lovely Maxie, my Colbert Nation soulmate, is on vacation this is Jessica from Everyday Adventures here to entertain you. So this is my second official guest blog post and hopefully I haven’t “jumped the shark” already. It’s ironic I say that because the focus of guest post #2 is on […]

The pressure!

Normally, when I get asked to guest blog there is a big mix of emotions. I feel AWESOME for one, because it’s incredibly flattering when someone asks you write on their space. Second, I get nervous – what if no one likes my post? What it sucks and no one comments? What if the person […]

These are my confessions…

Oh Usher– you speak the truth. You have, in all of your truth purging, inspired me to confess a few things on my blog today. I smell like Hummus. No–I don’t mean my breath. I mean it’s seeping out of my skin. Maybe I shouldn’t eat a whole tub of it in one sitting. But […]

Let me get my cane

I am getting old. I know a lot of you may be rolling your eyes right now because I’m on the lower end of the 20-something spectrum, but the whole aging thing is starting to become a reality for me. It’s not the physical aspect. I think I look pretty much the same as I […]

A humble plea

Dear Universe: If you love me at all, please let me run into Barack Obama this weekend. I don’t know if he’s still going to be in Chicago, but I would be happy forever and ever if you made this happen. Here’s how I picture it going down. Scene: Walking down the streets of Chicago […]

Celebrities are kind of annoying.

Last night I decided to watch Nashville Star. (STOP JUDGING ME!!! It’s monday and there is nothing else on TV. Well actually Intervention is on right now, but Danity Kane performed and I’m pretty much in love with them. But I digress…) This week the “singers” were asked to make a pop song country. Good […]