This is my jam.

Apparently I’m all about music commentary this week. This one’s directed to that rapper guy that sings “Low.” Don’t know what song I’m talking about? Oh, it’s the one that says “low” approximately 65 times. I lied. That’s exactly how many times the song says low. Yes, I counted. That dudes name is Flo Rida. […]

I really DO hate so much.

I know I’ve been all lovey-dovey on my blog lately. It amazes me that this week has been one of the shittiest ones of 2022 and I’ve had two entries about stuff I love (my boss and the IRS). Well no more of that crap! Sit down, relax, get a nice big bottle of haterade…lets […]

Me vs. Hangover

I win. I so, so, so win. Why am I so excited to not have a hangover? Oh, maybe because this proves that 1) I am not getting too old to drink and 2) I can drink a whole bottle of aftershock and be fabulously productive the next day. And by fabulously productive I mean […]

Weekend Recap: Part 1

Okay, I know that I promised to leave a oompa loompa’s ass full of comments over the weekend, but I got a little sidetracked. With what you ask? Oh, only the best. weekend. ever. Except today kind of sucked, but I’ll get to that in the next entry. Lets do a lil recap of the […]

What the eff?

I just had the most delicious lunch of my life. Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was damn good. Chicken Fajitas if you were wondering. Nat and I went for a little lunch date to plan out all of the ridiculous that is going to occur tonight. We’re going to our […]


My life has been fraught with hardships, mistakes, sorrow, and grief. It is also filled with battles won, mountains climbed, and lessons learned. More importantly, I am as close as I can get to self-actualization on this part of my journey, therefore my life is an open book. I am just as happy sharing my […]

On Theism

I find it hard to reconcile a god that would provide water for Hagar’s dying child and yet allow millions of children to be tortured in Treblinka and Auschwitz Birkenau. But then again, it’s not the concept of god I find abhorent. Some people need to believe in a higher power. What I find absolutely […]

The AntiBitch – Episode 1

Today I think I read one too many blog posts that were nothing but bitching and griping and general boo-hoo-woe-the-fuck-is-me. And honestly, it’s just exhausting. But I realize it’s incredibly easy to write about something when you’re upset, but writing about happiness is the mental equivalent of inducing labor on a pregnant man. So today […]

Probably Should Skip This if You’re Fat (Like Me)

Disclaimer: I am in no way an Adonis in the traditional sense. I’m incredibly narcissistic, but that doesn’t mean I can qualify for Miss Universe. I’m fat, I’ve got imperfect skin, cellulite is a permanent fixture in my life, and all those beers are catching up to me. But… I’m a work in progress. I […]

How I Met Your Father — A Continuing Love Story

Of the thousand and one things I want to write about: my recent trips, deaths, births, weddings, health scares, and general hat ass-ery, I found these bits and pieces in my old drafts folder and felt compelled to dust it off and see what it looks like in the light… This one is for our […]