When Does Medicare Kick In?

While waiting for testicular updates from a very good bloggy friend (I know, you’d be surprised, seeing as SHE can’t possibly have any testicles, although she IS a ballsy mom), I’m going to attempt to explain what happened in the last four uppity weeks of pandemonium that is my life. It’s gonna be tough, but […]

Nothing To See Here… Move Along…

So it’s 5pm EST, which is 6am in Manila. I’m wrapping up my laptop and calling it a day. Disconnect my VPN, shut down my Outlook, and open up my Google Reader. Goodie! Texas Blue Bonnet has a new post! I totally walked right into that one. Next time, Csquared, give a gay a warning, […]

I Can’t Get Over…

… this stomach flu. It’s getting better now, but it’ll flare up every now and then, which is why I’ve been absent from the blogosphere. Of all the things I hate, it’s something going haywire with my tummy. I hate it. I really do. I’ll do fever. I’ll do tonsillitis. I’ll take a migraine that […]

Emotions, Etc.

Emotions are a tricky thing. At one point or another in our mental development and growth, emotions ebb and wane like the tides. There was a time when, as a child, unbridled glee and wanton disregard sprung forth from overflowing cups. As teenagers, rage frothed from every orifice. As adults, we eventually learned to control […]

Weird Demigod Widgets

I may be a narcoleptic. I have this uncanny ability to fall asleep no matter where I am, what position I’m in, and what I’m doing. I work this mortal body pretty hard, and it has to keep up, what with my soul being so old and all, it just wants to get the best […]